Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bralalalala Lawsuit Against Spider Man Art Director

  An unlimited civil filing against David Klassen and his girlfriend Landa was filed on May 10, 2011  in Orange County Superior Court case # 30-2011-00474023 including casues of action of Sexual Battery, Libel and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. The criminal charges have been pending for some time. While there is hopefully further review of the DA handling the case by state officials, this action will insure at least some degree of responsibility to the  party in this ordeal is being brought. The Newport Beach police department appears at this time to have been competent enough in the bringing forward of the criminal charges numerous times despite some evidenciary ommissions that Bra had issues with, meaning that the handling and inactivity of the case is the fault of the DA office, whom Bra feels has not equally protected her under the law to this point based on its mental failure and lack of discretion to keep focus to the precise details of the incident at hand, including what the real motive of Klassen was in having Bralalalala over at his house. Bra has taken some time to file this case as the criminal proceeding was more important than any civil damages monetarily brought. 
     Fortunately, Bra has not filed a civil case in many years against a member of the public (since 2005). Bra has also at times hired attorneys in the middle of the case when it has become more involved to save on costs. Bra has always been offered the best attorneys for her cases however. Bra has also never lost a case at trial, nor has had a case dismissed that was timely filed. In other words, Bra does not bring BS claims and takes this action as a serious matter. Bra has never filed a police report on anyone for sexual battery before. However this incident rose to that occassion. Of the thousands and thousands of men and women Bra has met over the past 6 years only David Klassen and his girlfirend Landa have accomplished the feat of a lawsuit by Bralalalala. Public record speaks louder than any hearsay.
    The suit has attached to it the e mails of Landa leading up to the meeting and the details of the sexual battery by Klassen aided by Landa.  The suit also includes details of the defamatory hate sites created by Klassen and Landa in retaliation to the police report being filed. The suit is expected to also detail how Bra has been stalked through third parties by the two since the time of the incident in retaliation of the police report filing. Injunctive and declaratory relief from defamatory incitement of hatred against Bra is also being sought.
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